The Steering Committee (SC) is the organizational structure of the PCCC. The SC shall be formed by the past Meeting Coordinators. The membership of the SC, by majority vote will approve the appointment of the immediate past meeting coordinator to become a member of the SC.


The SC shall not exceed 10 members. To maintain the SC membership at 10, following each PCCC meeting, the last meeting coordinator will join the membership as previously outlined. The members that will step down from the SC will be the ones that have been members of the SC for the longest period. In unique situations by majority vote of SC members, the membership may be increased. To maintain institutional memory and direction the Founding Member (H.E. James M.D.) and the Developing Member (P.R. Holbrook M.D.), will be standing members. The outgoing chair of the SC will remain as a SC member till replaced by the subsequent outgoing chair.


The SC will have a Chair and a Chair-Elect.  The Chair-Elect will be nominated from the current membership of the SC.

Elections for the Chair and Chair-Elect positions will be performed by a majority of votes by members of the Steering Committee.  The candidates for the Chair and Chair-Elect will be current members of the SC.

Terms of Office: 

The office of the chair will be held for three years.  At the completion of the third year, the Chair-Elect will become the Chair.  At that time the SC will elect from one of its members a Chair-Elect.


SC Meeting Format:


At each meeting of the PCCC, the Meeting Coordinator will arrange for a meeting room during the PCCC Meeting. The SC minutes from the prior session, meeting agenda, report from the current and prior PCCC meetings, will be presented by the meeting coordinators. Subsequently the proposals for future meetings will be presented. Additional business will follow. Meeting minutes will be prepared.


In between meetings communications will be maintained between members of the SC as deemed necessary.


Activities of the SC:


The SC members shall identify possible future meeting coordinators and meeting locations for the PCCC.


The SC shall assist the future Meeting Coordinators in providing guidance and direction in preparation for the meetings. In addition, they will advise on the financial aspects, donations and industry support to make the meeting viable.


The SC shall provide input to the meeting program organizers to maintain the direction of the scientific sessions, in an attempt to continue the venue of presentations and enhancing discussion and lively interaction. The SC will encourage scientific interactions with other pediatric subspecialists who care for critically ill children.


2018-2019 Steering Committee Members:

K. Biagas M.D

B.M. Greenwald M.D., Immediate Past Chair

Z.L. Harris M.D Chair Elect

P. Holbrook M.D., Developing Member

H.E. James M.D., Founding Member

S. Kudchadkar M.D

P. Lubinsky, M.D.

B. Markovitz, M.D.

S. Pasala, M.D.

S. Schexnayder M.D., Past Chair

J. Schwartz M.D

D.C. Stockwell, M.D. Chair