This is to serve as a general guideline for the preparations for the PCCC Meeting for the Meeting Coordinator.


Meeting Location.

The Meeting Coordinator will be determine the location of the meeting. As in all scientific meetings consideration should be given, but not limited to: meeting facilities, audiovisual support, accommodations and venues that will facilitate scientific and social interaction.


Time of the Year and Weekdays.

The time of the year should be suitable for the meeting location. The Meeting Coordinator needs to determine prior to selection that there will be minimal conflict with other meetings of importance.


To facilitate accruing participation, planning and obtaining the best meeting facilities rates, it is recommended that the dates for the meeting be set 12 or more months ahead of the venue.


The Meeting Coordinator will select the days of the week that are most appropriate for a successful venue.


Meeting Size.

The number of meeting participants is not limited. However consideration should be given to the fact that this venue is directed to allowing for generous discussion periods. The larger meetings generally suffer from inadequate discussions and minimal opportunity for interactive sessions with the participants.


Organizing Committee.

The Meeting Coordinator will select the organizing and scientific committee. It is recommended that where pertinent the SC committee members be selected to participate. This will permit for experience from previous meetings as well as maximizing resources. Tradition has it that the SC members do not pay the registration fee. However, SC members pay their lodging and transportation.


Program Content.

The Meeting Coordinator will select the program content and request input from SC members.


Meeting Duration.

It is recommended that the program not exceed 3.5 days.


Meeting Publicity.

For best participation by the health care personnel as well as by the industry a preliminary meeting announcement should be sent out approximately 9- 10 months prior to the meeting date. An early reduced meeting registration fee usually facilitates a better participation.


Call for Abstracts.

It is recommended that the Meeting Coordinator announce a call for abstracts 6 months prior to meeting date. It is recommended that at least one (early) meeting announcement be in form of a hard copy mailing (i.e. “save the date card”).


Financial Aspects.

Each Meeting Coordinator is to generate their own financial support since the PCCC is not financially responsible for the meetings. In the past the resources have come from “educational grants” and related resources from the industry, registration fees from the participants and exhibitors, as well as from their own organization. There have been no “roll over” monies from meeting to meeting.


Future Meeting Coordinators should seek advice from the members of the SC as to how best explore the financial venue of the meeting.